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Welcome to the Gibson Family

My name is Margaret Gibson and this is my family tree.

I have been as careful as possible to give a true account of my ancestors and I have been very lucky to have been given lots of additional information from contacts who have visited this site.

Thanks to you all.

Researching your family history is a great leisure pursuit, and one that has excited me for several years.

It is a methodical process that starts with family discussions and ends with a wealth of information that can be passed on though the coming generations.

It is an ongoing journey that hasn't stopped yet.


Ancestors of:

Margaret May Gibson


Florence Gertrude Hardy

May Matilda Harrigan

Pearl Maynard

Lucy Stone

Charlotte Walsby

Family history pages:

Descendants of William Gibson

Descendants of William Hankin

Descendants of Charles Hardy

Descendants of Jeremiah Harrigan

Descendants of Samuel Maynard

Descendants of Phineas Stone

Descendants of William Walsby


How to research your family tree

Buying family tree software

An account of Gibson family life

A brief introduction to Grays Thurrock

The history of London & Tilbury Docks

Observations of Dock life

The history of Canning Town

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