Phineas Stone born 1736 in Walsall, Staffordshire and died in 1796 in Wednesbury, Staffordshire.Married Elizabeth Littley (born 1735) on 29th December 1761 in Walsall, Staffordshire.  



John born 1768


Ann born 1769


Elizabeth 1771 - 1772


Thomas 1772 - 1831


Phineas born 1775 married Sarah Ashmore on 7th September, 1796 in Wednesbury W. Midlands.


Sarah born 1796 Wednesbury, W Midlands


Phineas born 1797 Wednesbury, W Midlands. Died on Saturday 5th August 1837 in a coach accident at Plum Park, Northampton. Married Ann (Nancy) Grimmitt (1797 - 1881 and daughter of Ann and John) on 11th June 1827 at St. Matthew, Walsall. The marriage was witnessed by brother Thomas. Phineas worked as a Lock Filer (possibly doing locks for the Brunswick Rifle, which was made in Enfield).


Thomas born 1801 Bilston, Staffordshire. Married Hannah Webster (born 1805 in Willenhall, Staffordshire) on 7th June 1824 at St. Peter, Wolverhampton.


Harriet born 1803 Wednesbury, W Midlands 

Ann born 1805 Wednesbury, W. Midlands

Samuel born 1808 Wednesbury, W. Midlands


John 1798 - 1870 born Wednesbury, W Midlands. On 11 September 1821 married in West Bromwich to Mary Ann Burrows 1801-1872 born Oldbury, Shropshire.
1841 lived in Bromford House, West Bromwich and worked as a Labourer. (Census 1841)

1851 lived at 31 More Street, Christchurch, West Bromwich and was a Labourer at Iron Works (1851 Census)

1861 the family moved south and lived at 4, George's Place, West Ham and he did occasional work in the Ship Yard at West Ham (1861 Census).

1871 Mary Ann lived at 2 George Street, West Ham with daughter, Maria. (Census 1871)




John Burrows 1820-1877 Born Oldbury, Shropshire (son of Mary Ann Burrows). Later he changed name to Stone when he married Lucy Whitehouse (1823-1893) in 1840. He died in the London Hospital on the 31st March 1877. Cause of death Syncope Suppurative Cellulitis.

1841 lived at Old End, West Bromwich and worked as a Puddler. Also living in the same house - though classed as a separate family - was James Whitehouse, his wife Phebe and two others, assumed to be daughters. (Census 1841)

1851 lived in Gun Lane, West Bromwich, Staffordshire and worked as an Iron Puddler.

1861 lived at 11, Old Meeting Street, West Bromwich and worked as an Iron Puddler.

1871 lived in West Ham.


Phineas (1823 - 1875) West Bromwich, Staffordshire. Married Ann Price (born 1825 in Walworth, Surrey) in 1849 in Stepney, London.

1851 lived at 4, Almond Close, Poplar and worked as a Ball Furnace Man. (Census 1851)

1861 lived at South Workside Road, 6 Market Place and was a Ball Furnace Man. (Census 1861)

1871 lived at 1, George Street, West Ham and worked as an Iron Dealer. (Census 1871)


Sarah (1826 - 1898) West Bromwich, Staffordshire married Henry Higgs 18th June 1845 in Dudley, Staffordshire and re-married to William Parry, who was born 1821 in Ireland, on 28th November, 1853 in the Parish Church, West Bromwich.

1851 lived in More Street, West Bromwich with her daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth.

1861 lived in Griffin Street, West Bromwich and was a Cap Maker. Her husband, William was a Coal Miner (Census 1861)

1871 lived in St. George's Street, West Ham and worked as a Milliner. (Census 1871)

1881 still lived at St. George's Street and William was a Coal Miner. (Census 1881)


Samuel born 1827 West Bromwich, Staffordshire. Died 1882 in West Ham. Married Anna Steventon (born 1831) in Staffordshire in 1848.

1851 lived at 3 Bow Lane, St. Leonard, Bromley, Middlesex and was a Labourer. (Census 1851)

1881 was a widower living at 73, Ida Street, Tower Hamlets, Poplar and was a Labourer. (Census 1881)


Ann born 1829 West Bromwich, Staffordshire. Thought to have married Thomas Wood in West Bromwich in 1850.


Thomas born 1832 West Bromwich, Staffordshire married Elizabeth Baxter (born 1839) in Pancras, Middlesex in 1855.

1851 lived at More Street, West Bromwich, Staffordshire and was an Iron Puddler. (Census 1851)

1861 lived at 5, Randall Street, Poplar and was a Bricklayer. (Census 1861)

1871 lived at 3, Elizabeth Street, Poplar and was a Labourer. (Census 1871)

1881 lived at 34 Willis Street, Tower Hamlets, Poplar and was an Labourer in the Iron Works. (Census 1881)

1891 lived at 34 Willis Street, Tower Hamlets, Poplar and was a part time labourer at the Iron Works. (Census 1891)

1901 lived at 34 Willis Street, Tower Hamlets, Poplar and was a General Labourer. (Census 1901)


Elizabeth born 1834 West Bromwich, Staffs

1851 was living with her brother, Phineas and family at 4, Almond Close, Poplar working as a Labourer. (Census 1851)


Richard born 1840 West Bromwich, Staffs married Mary Ann Hayzelden in Poplar London Middlesex in 1860.

1851 lived at More Street, West Bromwich, Staffordshire and was an Iron Puddler. (Census 1851)

1861 lived at 3, Shepherds Road, West Ham and was a Labourer at a ship yard. (Census 1861)


Maria born 1842 West Bromwich, Staffs. Married William Lambert in West Ham.
1861 lived at 4 St. George's Place, West Ham, Essex and worked as a Bar Shopkeeper.
1871 living at St. George's Place with her mother, Mary Ann.
(Census 1871)

Joseph (1837 - 1871) born in West Bromwich, Staffordshire. Died of Phthisis Haemorrhage in lungs in West Ham aged 33. Married in 1860 Mile End Old Town to Elizabeth Quick (1843 - 1912). Elizabeth Quick remarried James Young in 1875 after the death of Joseph. She lived at 3 Bidder Street with Annie Stone and her two daughters, Lucy born 1873 and Katherine born 1879. (N.B. It appears that Lucy Stone was born after Joseph's death, possibly the child of James Young).
1901 was living with daughter Katherine and son, William (born 1884). (1901 Census).

1851 Joseph lived in Christchurch, West Bromwich and worked at the Forge in the Iron Works. (Census 1851)
1861 Joseph lived at 3 Shepherds Road, Plaistow and worked in the Iron Works (1861 Census).
1871 Joseph lived at 31 Bidder Street, West Ham and worked in the Iron Works (1871 Census)


Annie Maria born 1863 Canning Town, Essex married Robert William Holding in West Ham in 1876.

1881 lived at 3 Bidder Street, Canning Town and worked as a Needlewoman

1891 lived in Canning Town and husband, Robert was a Ship's Labourer. (1891 Census)

1901 at St. Lukes, West Ham and Robert was an Engine Labourer. (1901 Census).


Joseph Phineas born 1865 Canning Town, Essex

1881 lived at 18 Stephenson Street, West Ham and was the nephew of Richard and Elizabeth Wray (Census 1881)

1891 lived at 42 Broadway, Grays, Essex working as a Cellar Man in a Public House where he lodged (1891 Census)


Elizabeth born 1867 Canning Town, Essex married George Stanton or William White in West Ham 1890


Lucy born 5th October 1873, Canning Town, Essex and died 1953, Tilbury, Essex, Aged 80

1891 lived at 42 Broadway, Grays, Essex working as a General Servant in a Public House where she lodged. (1891 Census)

In 1893 married William Charles Gibson (1868-1951) in West Ham.

1901 lived with husband and children at 46, Sydney Road, Tilbury, Essex. William worked as a Coal Porter. (1901 Census)


William Charles 1893-1971

Born 8th December 1893 in Beckton, London

Lived in Tilbury, Essex and worked in the docks

Died in 1871 in Grays, Essex aged 77


Rosina Lucy 1895-1981

Born 4th July 1895 in Beckton, London

Worked as a servant in London for the early part of her life

1924 married William F. Hayes in Wandsworth, London

1957 married Bertie Frederick Daniels 1904 - 1988 Grays, Essex


Florence Elizabeth 1897-1920

Born 1897 in Tilbury, Essex

Died 1920 from TB aged 22


Alfred George 1899-1918

Born 1897 in Tilbury, Essex

Killed in action 22nd August 1918 aged 19


Alice Maud Mary 1901-1979

Born 1901 in Tilbury Essex

1924 married Thomas Moss (1891 - January 13 1959) in Grays, Essex

Died 24th March 1979 aged 78


Walter James 1903-1984

Born 2nd November 1903 in Tilbury, Essex.

Worked as a Bookmaker

1954 married Emma Hills or Barker in Chatham, Kent

Died 26th October, 1984 in Grays, Essex


Frederick George 1906-1984

Born 6th October, 1906 in Tilbury, Essex

Worked in Docks at Tilbury

Married Anita Braune (born 1924) from Lubeck, Germany in Grays, Essex in 1949

Daughter Geraldine born 1951

Died November, 1983 in Grays, Essex aged 87


May Lilian 1909-1953

Born 1909 in Tilbury, Essex

1943 married Thomas Arthur George (1892 - 27 September 1967) in Tilbury, Essex

May and Tom owned and worked in T.A GEORGE & SON St. Chads Road, Tilbury

Suicide 10th December, 1953 aged 44 by gassing.


John Henry 1913 - 1990. Born 15th July in Tilbury, Essex. Married 17th April, 1954 in Enfield, Middlesex to Pearl Maynard (1928-2002 born 7th November, 1928 in Enfield, Middlesex). John and Pearl lived in Grays, Essex

John worked in the Co-op bakery and later was Wages Clerk in Tilbury, Docks

Pearl worked in Smallcombs sweet shop in Stifford Clays, Grays, Essex.

Daughter, Margaret May  born 1955 in Upminster.