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Increasing numbers of people are researching their family tree and some of the recent interest in genealogy has arisen because of a number of popular television shows. If you are thinking about looking into your ancestors and want to develop a family tree, you will need the following resources (in no particular order):

Time and Patience

Most people that have started to research their family tree will warn you not bother unless you are able to devote a good deal of time. Inevitably, you will follow a lot of dead-end leads and this can be quite time demanding. As you go further into the history of your family tree, you will need to have a lot of patience because of the lost time.

Access to the Internet

Although it is possible to do a reasonable amount of research into your family tree by visiting local and regional Family Record Offices, this can be most time consuming and costly. The vast majority of people do most of their initial research from the comfort of their own home by accessing family tree databases that exist on the internet.



Family Tree Software

Although it is possible to use some of the online facilities for building your family tree, a good proportion of people prefer to buy software that has been specifically designed for this purpose. There are a number of things to consider when buying family tree software, but the following may give you an idea of the most important things to consider:

1. Definitely do not go ahead and buy your family tree software without being totally sure you are able to get on with it. From personal experience, it is not a good idea to buy the software without first of all trying it, so you can be sure it meets your needs. If you search for ‘family tree software’ in your favourite search engine, you will find lots of different software options available. The majority will be try-before-you-buy or what is sometimes called ‘shareware’ and some will have time limitations so you can use it in a unrestricted way for a period of time, whilst others will only allow you to have a limited number of family members in your tree.

2. Another thing is to consider when buying family tree software is the user interface. Often it is all a matter of taste, but you will find that particular software packages have more intuitive interfaces to use than others. Put more simply, some family tree software will be easier to use.

3. It is worth checking the layout of the finished family tree with the different software packages, as some will be more appealing to you eye than others. In the end, it may be simply a matter of taste but it is nevertheless important you are happy with the results of your efforts.

4. Although some people will want lots of features from their genealogy software, others will be happy to use just a few of the software capabilities. It is perhaps better to have more features than not, but you will generally pay a little more for the software with the most capabilities.

5. Finally, you will probably want to consider the cost of your family tree software. As with many things in life, the cheapest will rarely be the best, but you may be pleasantly surprised that some of the cheaper family tree software products will offer most of the things you are looking for.