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My name is Margaret Robinson and this is my Gibson Family Tree Site

I am the only child of Pearl and John Gibson and I was born in a private hospital in Upminster, Essex in February 1955 when the snow was thick on the Ground. My father had trouble getting to the hospital to see me as he didnít drive a car and had a difficult bus journey from Lenmore Avenue, Grays, Essex where they lived.

My mother lived in Enfield Middlesex before her marriage and my father in Tilbury, Essex and they met in the summer of 1952 in a holiday camp in Caistor, Near Great Yarmouth where they had gone for a summer holiday, each with a friend. My mother Pearl Maynard, an only child, was 24 years old, born in November 1928 and my father John Henry, the youngest of nine children, was 39 years old, born in July 1913. They married in April 1954.

There were nine in Johnís family, five boys and four girls and only two children were born, myself and my cousin, another girl, born February 1951 to Johnís brother, Frederick.

The Gibson family was well known in Tilbury as most of the men worked in Tilbury Docks. John was a clever boy at school and had an excellent report after he left school in November 1927. He was the top boy in the school but his family did not have the money for him to progress further in education. He was also an excellent footballer and won a couple of medals playing for the school team. John, through earlier family connections had a love of horse racing which was passed on to me and we often went to race meetings together with my mother or my father would take me to the football matches either to White Hart Lane where his team played or more likely to my team in West Ham.

My father took a job in the Co-op Bakery in Grays and worked there until it closed sometime in the early 60ís. From there he became Wages Clerk in Tilbury Docks until he retired c. 1978.



I started my school life in Rectory Road, Primary School, Grays and when I failed my 11+ exams went to William Edwards Secondary School in Stifford Clays. I passed the 13+ exams and then went to Palmers Grammar School for Girls in Grays, which became a Sixth Form College in 1972. In 1972 I left to work at an International Bank in London.

Pearl was a good needlewoman and when she left school took a job making curtains for one of the big stores near Enfield, I think it was Fishpools Department Store in Waltham Cross, who still exist today and worked there until she married. She used to make my clothes for me when I was young and also made some for the American Stage School production of Babes In The Wood in 1962. Unfortunately her sewing skills were not passed on to me.

When I started my secondary school she took a job in Smallcombe's Newsagents, in Crammavill Street, Stifford Clays, Grays, Essex and worked there until 1986 when my first daughter was born. She left her job to look after her Granddaughter so that I could return to my job in London. My second daughter was born in 1989 and afterwards I worked part-time in a Card Services branch of a Bank in Southend, Essex so that I could spend more time with my children.

Pearl and John had two black toy poodles during their life together, Jenny, and after her death, Susie. My German shepherd, Jessie, got on very well with them and we used to take them for walks together. We also had a blue budgie called Rikki who was so tame and used to sleep on the bottom of his cage, which was really unusual as they only normally lie down when they're dead!

In 1987 I moved to Eastwood and my parents moved there too. John was happy in the bungalow after many years living in the house in Lenmore Avenue. In 1990, aged 77, my father died from Lung Cancer in Southend Hospital despite being a non-smoker all his life.

In 1997 we moved to Newbury, Berkshire and my mum decided to come too. We were very happy until my mum suffered two strokes and died in 2002, aged 74, after two years in a Nursing Home in Newbury. 

In February 2000 I married my second husband Nigel. We live in a village near Newbury with our 10 year-old German Shepherd dog, Bruno.